Testimonial 1


Thank you Katelyn Mariah for my animal spirit painting of Ganesh/Ganesha. I love that he symbolizes new beginnings, success, wisdom, and peace. I created an altar and every day I am reminded to continue down the path of new beginnings and to bring more and more peace into my life. Blessings to you for such creativity for us all!


Testimonial 2


My work with Katelyn as an intuitive artist, has been a very special experience- so much so, that I hired her to draw animals for my 3 children and 2 friends.

When she shared with me that my animal came to her as a word “Ocelot” and that she didn’t know that it was the name of an animal, I was convinced of her deep connection to spiritual guidance. This animal has been a big influence to me and guide me as I pull in more wisdom and connection to my own intuition- which happens to be the word that I’m told to focus on this year- Focused Intuition.”


I highly recommend investing in Katelyn’s special talent and gift as a spiritual guide and artist.